I’m home!!!!!! (and I expect lots of hugs tmr! :)

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I am so happy to be back home! After 5 full days of a fun and relaxing vacation, I’m excited to get back to the hustle and bustle that is California living and ready to part ways with summer. Okay, Fall has got worried…I think it’s going to be those 8am mornings :(

Hmmm let me sum up my vacation in one word…umm beach bum? We were lucky to have our own private beach, so all I did absolutely nothing and just laid out working on my summer tan lol. Having grown up minutes from the beach all my life, it felt great to just roll out of bed and take a walk on the beach and enjoy the fresh air. Thinking back, I’m so grateful to my parents for providing an environment like that for me to grow up in… thanks mom and dad! :)

Given that it was a family vacation, there was a no internet/no phone clause. Sigh… it was rough. I was fine with the no phone rule since my poor cell phone died on me. Being an internet junkie, no internet was…well, you get the point! At the end, I’m glad we had that rule. I guess that’s the whole point of vacation right, no distractions? It was a great time to just reflect on family, life, future, relationships…

For our last night, we enjoyed a great luau and had a bonfire! It was the perfect end to summer. Also, I threw my phone into the bonfire!! Haha, it would not turn on anymore! It was practically broken lol. I was just trying to give it a proper burial haha :)

How was everybody’s week?! Did you miss me? I missed you all and the blog! I can’t wait to start cooking again :)

xoxo, kat

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2 thoughts on “I’m home!!!!!! (and I expect lots of hugs tmr! :)

  1. Welcome back! Get out of bed, I know your still sleeping LOL – yes a vacation without a cell or internet is fantastic. It’s like a whole different world !

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