i’m off on holiday!

photo forgetmeknotweddingsblog.com

That’s right! I’m at LAX waiting to jet off to my ideal perfect summer destination. Actually, I’m off to a quickie vacay before my summer officially comes to an end and I have to say my goodbyes. Sigh…what a great summer this was!

photo weheartit.com

Can you guess where I’m headed? Here are some hints:

  • I will be wearing nothing but a bikini for a week
  • I’ll be 2,390 miles away from CA
  • I’ll be island hopping
  • I’ll have limited cell phone access
  • I’ll be sipping my drinks from a pineapple and/or coconut
  • I want to buy a ukulele
  • And I plan on getting lei’d :)
Cheers to Summer 2011! I’ll miss you guys and my blog! See you all in a week! PS. did you notice that Hello Kitty has her Ray-Bans on and is ready for holiday! Hehe :)
XO, kat
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