she cooks, he eats night out: Lucille’s Smokehouse Bar-B-Que

Yesterday, was a special day for so many reasons:

  1. We went OUT for date night (I’m sorry but I just love staying in, there’s nothing more satisfying than napping on the couch after eating!);
  2. I ate BBQ and carbs…tons of it! (kind of rare for me since BBQ is a summer holiday food and I don’t eat much meat these days);
  3. And it was our twenty-something month anniversary (yes, it was only a “month” anniversary…don’t judge me!! I heart celebrating anniversaries okay! :).

After walking our laps around the outdoor shopping center, we settled on Lucille’s BBQ. Have you been yet? This place is awesome! The atmosphere is so fun too! They have endless choices of BBQ, give out ginormous portions of food, drinks come is big glass mason jars, and they have the most delicious biscuits served with the most amazing apple butter!! This place is worth visiting just for the apple butter alone…YUM!!

When I say “ginormous portions”, I mean ginormous portions! We ordered the “BBQ Feast for Two“. Even though it was an order for two, we had enough food to feed four! Given the fact that I love to have bits and nibbles of everything, this was such a great special. There are 3 courses. You can choose between soup, salad or a half sized appetizer, a sampler plate of your choice of their top meats, and your choice of dessert.

Forgot to take pics of our drinks, but he had the strawberry lemonade and I ordered water. I know, water…lame right? I always order water with a wedge of lemon when we eat out. I really don’t know why. I think it’s because I don’t drink soda and strawberry lemonade is just packed with sugar! I guess I’m a picky eater haha, don’t judge me!! :)

Anyways, check out our reviews for Lucille’s below!

DISCLAIMER: My boyfriend is an avid watcher and huge fan of Gordon Ramsey and Anthony Bourdain…hope that gives you some insight on what to expect for his reviews! As for me, I’m a softy and a bit generous with my reviews :)

COURSE 1: For the appetizer, we choose the Deep Fried Shrimp.

there were 4, but my hungry boyfriend grabbed one before I could snap a pic :)


  • Served hot, tasty, loved the spicy remoulade sauce; aside from that, just your basic deep fried shrimp.


  • Shrimp were tasty with a spicy kick. I don’t believe they were deep fried when ordered, and the salad on the plate was out of a bag and dry. I have had better, but that’s what I get for ordering shrimp in a smokehouse. However, It didn’t make me cringe.

COURSE 2: A platter filled with half a chicken, baby back ribs, Saint Louis ribs, and brisket. For the sides, mac and cheese for her and garlic mashed potatoes for him.

a lot of food, right? by the end of the meal, we hardly made a dent! it still looked like that...


  • Mac and cheese my fave! The mashed potatoes were so garlicky, love!! Everything had a delicious authentic smokey BBQ flavor…the chicken and brisket were my fave!


  • The BBQ speaks for itself. All the items were very tender and full of that BBQ flavor. The ribs had just the right amount of flaky charred texture, and the meat slipped right off the bone. The mac ‘n cheese plus the mash are great sides.

COURSE 3: For dessert, Big Chocolate Cake.

only had a little bit of everything on the platter and had nibbles of the mac an cheese and mashed potatoes, so that I could have room in my tummy just for this! :)


  • Very rich, chocolatey, and decadent! Loved the chocolate chips on the cake! The fact that it was semi-cold did not bother me.


  • The chocolate cake was really nice to look at and eat. It was RICH… just like a slice of choco cake should be. The one drawback… it was not fully defrosted. It was cold in the middle. Overall, it was still a great slice.

As for service, it’s unanimous! Our waitress was so nice! She was very friendly and was always available. In fact, when we ran into each other in the hallway, I thanked her for being so wonderful to us :)

Hope you enjoyed reading our night out! What’s your take on Lucille’s? Please do share!

PS. Any suggestions for places to try in or near the LA area? :)

xoxo, kat

(NOTE: These pics were snapped with my crappy cell phone, and I apologize for my terrible photo taking skills (they do not do the food justice!)…I lack photography skills and just cannot take a good pic even if I tried. That’s why I love jumping on foodie blogs and oohing and awwing over people’s amazing photography skills, sigh…)

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8 thoughts on “she cooks, he eats night out: Lucille’s Smokehouse Bar-B-Que

  1. i love Ramsey as well!!

    great comments.. and lots of pain..
    here it is 9am…….
    so long to lunch and nothing even closer to…. this!!!!

    i remember my first and only trip to USA as a wonderful food experience..

    always following you!

      1. the bbq stalls here are as common as pizza restaurant in Italy: one at every corner!

        i love Chinese street food bbq!
        but it is extremely different from the kind of bbq you had!

        i miss the big chunks of meat, sauces, side dishes, etc etc (i would probably have a couple of beers with them!!)

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