UPDATE: criminy! someone stole my cookie sheet!!!!

sugar cookies!

Awhile ago, I informed the whole blogging world that my beloved cookie sheet was stolen from me. It was a sad day. Not just because my cookie sheet was stolen, but because I had cookie cravings and no cookie sheet to bake them on! Sure I thought of alternatives, but none seem all that great. And I could have just gone out to buy a new one, but I was lazy and didn’t want to make a trip to Williams-Sonoma.

Well, not only can this girl cook but she also has amazing ideas!! Hahah, not really…but when you’re desperate enough for cookies, you’ll do just about anything! I used my glass baking dish, sprayed it with some non-stick cooking spray and lined it with some parchment paper, and voila COOKIES!! It took twice as long, but turned out just fine!

don't judge me!! i love my cookies! :)

oh nom nom nom

And now, an open letter to the culprit(s):

Dear Cookie Sheet Stealers,

You may have stolen by beloved cookie sheet, but I can still bake cookies without it! Hope you enjoy using a nasty old one you cheapos while I get a shiny new one + matching silpat! :)



ps. My brownie pan died! Any suggestions for a new one? And can you bake brownies in glass baking dish??

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