I heart TJs

Who doesn’t love Trader Joe’s?! After a terrible shopping experience at my local Albertsons, I vow to stay away from that place.

Why was it so terrible, you ask? It’s almost too traumatic of an experience to tell you! Let’s just say I needed a bottle of grape seed oil and sherry vinegar to make ginger scallion noodles and made the mistake of going into Albertsons. Albertsons lacks variety! There was only one brand of grape seed oil and one brand of sherry vinegar that was available. And then there was the cashier that was helping us…. I won’t say exactly what happened and I don’t want to be openly rude, but let’s just it was one of those terrible shopping experiences that just lingered. I wanted to leave everything, tell her “forget it”, not pay, walk out, and drive to Trader Joe’s. It was that annoying…

Trader Joe’s is amazing! I love that place! My TJ has always been wonderful to me. They help bring my groceries to my car even if it’s only a bag or two. They are so peppy, extremely helpful, food is fresh, and have a variety of products. Sure, it may be a tad pricey, but it’s well worth it for the quality of products you are paying for.

I went there a few weeks ago to get a bottle of oregano and came out with more stuff than I needed! No regrets though, not one whatsoever!

Check out what I got…

two bags seem like a lot but it really wasn't!

sushi, oregano, roma tomatoes, baguette...

and a new basil plant! my last one couldn't hold on any longer :(

my favorite oregano and the best roma tomatoes ever

yes, this was an absolute must. needed it to feed my sushi cravings! :)

Any TJ addicts out there? And have you ever felt compelled to walk out of a bad grocery shopping experience?

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13 thoughts on “I heart TJs

    1. if you’re good at gardening, a long time? lol i’m not sure. my boyfriend was taking care of our last one, i’ll have to get back to you :)

  1. I can’t begin to explain the depths of TJ envy I’m experiencing right now. I have an equally boring grocery store where I’m forced to continue shopping… because the nearest TJ’s is 90 minutes away from my house! I’m happy that there are food bloggers yielding wonderful produce and food goods in their recipes… but I wanna be one of them!

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