Hey Friday, did you know that…

photo hellohellodesign.tumblr.com

That’s right, Friday!! Another week done, only 23,875,892,509,280,788,710 left to go!

Hope everyone had a great week. Even though the days felt long, it still flew by quickly! This week was filled with nothing lots of laughs and giggles and new memories!  And I also welcomed the newest addition to the she cooks, he eats family.

This was more of a He cooks, She eats kinda week! He was sweet enough to take over cooking duties and gave me a mini-break! I just could not make up my mind on what to cook for date night. I had all week, and nothing (sigh)…add on a busy week and not having the extra time to read some of fave foodie blogs didn’t help either. I’m not going to lie, but I committed carbicide and binged on pizza. It was not my proudest moment. But checking out all the amazing foods the foodie bloggers here have made definitely inspired me to get my butt back into the kitchen. After reading all the comments and suggestions, I have a few recipes in mind that I want to try next week!  Thank you everyone for visiting she cooks, he eats and for all your wonderful comments and suggestions!

As always, here’s a recap of my week…

Favorite meal (the quickest enchiladas ever! recipe coming soon) :

he cooks, she eats :)

Favorite drink:

cool lime refresher from Starbucks

Favorite indulgence:

oreo cream filling ice cream with twix for her, and strawberry mango sorbet with chocolate chips for him (looks like watermelon lol)

Favorite gag:

toilet mug || photo foodbeast.com

Favorite sing-a-along:

What were some of your favorite moments this week? Please do share!

Hope everyone’s having a beautiful sun-drenched weekend.

xoxo, kat

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7 thoughts on “Hey Friday, did you know that…

  1. My fav memory this week was getting to drive in my car with a working stereo and key clicker. It hasn’t worked for like two years and I don’t make things like that a financial priority to fix. Other things come first. My boyfriend figured out how to fix it on his own. It may sound crazy but having music makes me so much happier. I went to work happier?!? P.s how nice is it when tue guys cook?

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