i had a nooner

her: cool lime, him: americano

She’s a Coffee Bean kinda girl, and He’s a Starbucks kinda guy.

But Starbucks, you get me every now and then! We needed a nooner pick-me-up to recover from this week’s mini heat wave we’ve been experiencing.

At Starbucks, they have this new line of limited edition beverages called Starbucks Refreshers. Two new cold drinks are available: Cool Lime and Very Berry Hibiscus. Cool Lime is my favorite out of the two, it’s definitely very refreshing and light. If you have a soft spot for mojitos, then you’ll love this one! It’s taste like a non-alcoholic version of a mojito.

Since we strive to be more “green” and environmentally friendly, we brought along our reuseable Starbucks drinkware. These cups are awesome! He uses the double insulated ceramic travel cup that keeps his coffee hot. Don’t worry even if the coffee inside is scorching hot, it is still comfortable enough to hold onto. This cup is the cutest thing ever because it resembles the actual Starbucks cups! I purchased this a few months ago as a gift for him at Starbucks. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen it available for purchase online or in-stores. I used the Customizable Cold Cup, and I just want to say that this cup is amazing!! It keeps it cold and it doesn’t get all wet like the regular Starbucks plastic cups they give you! It’s a must buy, not lying at all! I left my drink in the car to make a quickie grocery store run, and my drink did not melt! It still had ice in it, and just as cold and refreshing as the moment I first sipped on it! Hahah, I know…the strangest, smallest, weirdest things get me excited!

On a different note, I would love to thank my barista! You are the sweetest! I ordered a tall Cool Lime, and he upgraded me to the grande size for free and gave me cheese danish samples to munch on!

TIP: if you bring in your own drinkware, the price of a drink is 10 cents cheaper. Not much, but there’s nothing more cuter than bringing in your own Starbucks drinkware :)

Have you tried the new Starbucks line? What’s your fave drink at Starbucks? I am only a coffee drinker for 3 months out of the year when it’s pumpkin spice season!

xoxo, kat.

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3 thoughts on “i had a nooner

  1. I love your website, especially the title ……. thanks for visiting mine! (Do you know why we gals don’t need a watch? There’s a clock on the stove!)

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