let’s have a peachy keen time in the kitchen

photo technicolormyworld.tumblr.com

Good morning! Last month, through the interweb I met Katie from Sunny Side Up. She asked me to write a guest post while she and her beautiful family are on vacation, how sweet of her right?! I was so excited/still/forever will be!! :)

This was my first experience, and I chose to blog about peaches. For a girl that’s allergic to fruit, it’s ironical no? Well, peaches I can eat! And it’s one of my fave fruits available this season! Check out a blurb of my favorite things to do with peaches!

Oh it’s summertime, and the living is easy right? One of my favorite fruits that I enjoy around this time of year are peaches. There’s just something special about eating a peach on a hot sweltering summer day. It’s refreshing, juicy, sweet, and quite satisfying. Whether it’s enjoying a scoop (or two) of peach ice cream to cool off, or baking them in your favorite dessert. There are endless ways to incorporate a bright peach into your summer cooking this season.

Here are some peachy recipes to brighten your summer day:

Peach Wontons (recipe here)

peach wontons || photo shewearsmanyhats.com

Peach and Blackberry Crumble (recipe here)

peach and blackberry crumble || photo sproutedkitchen.com

…continue reading here!

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