friday, meet lazy me.


Le sigh…what can I say? We meet again Friday :)

This summer heat has gotten the best of me this week. I spent half of the days this week just lounging in bed treating myself to mini marathons of Say Yes to the Dress on Netflix, and the rest of the days shopping and eating all things unhealthy. It’s a lazy start to August, for sure! To be honest, I’m ready to get back to Fall reality and put on my favorite pair of boots and wrap myself in my coziest sweater. Unfortunately, that won’t happen till December…oh, how much I wished I lived in a city that actually had seasons!

Did you guys indulge and have a lazy week too? There still are a few activities I want to do before summer is officially labeled “over”. I still haven’t gone to my local county fair yet (ahem, hint hint…) and eat an onion blossom, a $10 corn dog, and any strange bacon or pickle concoction from Chicken Charlie’s. I love fair food, but my tummy doesn’t agree too well with it! Have any of you visited the county fair yet?

Here’s a few of the things (bacon) that made me happy this week:

Favorite find:

beer battered bacon || photo

Favorite donut:

bacon maple donut || photo

Favorite crave:

spam musubi

Favorite DIY date night (recipe coming soon!):

maple garlic ginger chicken wings

Favorite repeat:

Happy weekend!

xoxo, kat

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6 thoughts on “friday, meet lazy me.

  1. I totally have a Jessie J ear worm now LOL Can’t get that song out of my head! Can’t wait for the maple garlic ginger chicken wings recipe, enjoy your weekend!

    1. aww thank you! that song is totally catchy, right? lol. expect the maple garlic ginger chicken wings recipe up next week! have a great weekend! :)

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