it’s not even noon yet, and i’ve already eaten…

spam musubi

While on our coffee run this morning, I had a strange craving for…SPAM!! The fact that there was a Hawaiian BBQ place right next to Starbucks probably only fueled the cravings even more. I know, it’s really strange that someone would ever crave spam but I like it a lot! Maybe it’s frowned upon where I live (trendy, hipster, health nuts!), but it’s all the rage in Hawaii!

This is spam musubi, and it’s one of my favorite ways to eat spam! In case you did not know what spam musubi was, it’s just a block of rice with a piece of grilled spam on top with some sauce in between (in my case, this was teriyaki) wrapped in nori (seaweed). This was my first time ordering spam musubi at L&L Hawaiian Barbecue, and it was okay. It was about $3.50 for two pieces, but on Tuesdays they are only $1 each! Let’s just say that if I had another random spam craving, I won’t be going back there. Unless that spam craving happened to be on a Tuesday, then why not!

Next up: Costco!

hot dog

yum! :)

After running some more errands, we found ourselves next to Costco. I kind of like the outside atmosphere of the food court at Costco. Sure it’s not the most glamorous, but it’s a great place for a quick bite to eat. For less than $2 you can get a hot dog and a drink! Since I felt kind of full from eating one of the spam musubis, we shared a hot dog. Actually I just took a few nibbles, but it was still good! I have a tendency to drown my hot dog in mustard, and since we were sharing I few squirts of ketchup for him :)

ps. I love mustard! I pour globs of mustard on my corn dogs! I dip my fries in mustard! In fact, I’ve eaten mustard out of those little packages before! It’s my condiment of choice for all things that need dipping!

What are some of your random food craves throughout the day?

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11 thoughts on “it’s not even noon yet, and i’ve already eaten…

  1. omg that hot dog looks so good! Its not lunch time here either so now Im ready, lol. I get weird cravings for everything salty: salt n vinegar chips, green olives, big pickles, or chinese food covered in soy sauce. Ok…my mouth is watering just typing this!

  2. I had the weirdest craving this morning-I wanted baked mushrooms (either portabello or shittake). For the life of me I can’t figure it out, though I did have some in my stir fry for lunch.

  3. I get cravings for Reese’s peanut butter cups…chocolate, peanut butter, gotta have it.

    The weird craving I get is for pepperoncini. I don’t know why, but it’s addictive for me! I eat them straight from the jar and can polish it off and call it lunch!

    I also like mustard, particularly Dijon…on almost everything.

  4. Hey it’s sam from, thanks for checking out my blog! I love the idea behind yours, Its figuring out exactly what theme is best for you and figuring out the widgets! I recently changed mine up and polished the site a bit. Let me know what you think! I’m looking forward to more of your creativity, as she cooks, he eats is a very common thing in life and it’s great to add humor to it! Keep up the good work and I look forward to following your progress.

  5. That’s probably the coolest usage of SPAM I’ve ever seen, way better than mac n cheese w/spam! My random craving today is Chik a Fila nuggets….ahhhhh.

  6. My husband loves spam musubi! I usually stick to my spam just pan fried over rice, but I guess I’m boring like that :) At least your cravings aren’t for chocolate all the time, like me!

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