mad for chalk

Found my new favorite obsession! On one of my random shopping trips this morning, I stumbled upon a chalk board cookie jar! It’s so adorable! It was a toughie tough! I had to decide between this or a cupcake cookie jar!

Isn’t this adorable?!

chalkboard cookie jar

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17 thoughts on “mad for chalk

  1. Yes, love it!!
    And you could totally make this!! I wonder though, if you might need to etch the glass first before applying the paint. . . or maybe just a primer would work.

  2. Petrel: I have a chalk board hanging in my 2 bedroom apartment in the hallway. I am a single mom. I made the chalk board. It is very useful and functional. I found a window sash out on the street that someone was giving away. It is from a very old historic window with the rope from the pully still inside of the wooden frame. It has 6 panes. I applied chalk board paint to the glass repeatedly until it was dark enough to resemble a class room chalk board and like I said it works great.

  3. You know what it made me think of? Taking a clear, glass vase…say that you are giving someone a birthday gift…you could paint a square on there with chalk board paint and then use chalk to write Happy Birthday Mom or whatever and fill it with pretty flowers and water.

    1. that’s such a cute idea! i was thinking of doing it with little mason jars so that I can make cupcakes in jars and just label them with the chalk :)

  4. This is really cool! I would love a chalkboard cookie jar! Thanks for stopping by my blog… I was checking yours out to and I really like it! It seems to me that you definitely got the hang of blogging already. The best advice I was ever given was to blog about things that interest me and to blog often – especially when you first start. The more you blog the more people will check out your site. In addition, with WordPress, by using tags you can get more people to come to your blog. Check out the main tags that are most popular on the WordPress homepage and everytime you post you can see your posts under that tag! Happy blogging :)

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