help!! i think i just might commit carbicide…

Carbicide (pronounced car-beh-cide) noun. (1) The act of ending one’s life due to the over-consumption of carbohydrates. Origin: Bruno. Synonyms: pasta, bread, potatoes, pizza, late night food binges.

Oh carbs, how much I love to hate you! You are in everything I love…sugar, cupcakes, pasta, bread baskets, my boyfriend, and I’m sure you’re in bacon too! Carbs is my vice. Any foods loaded with unhealthy carbs, you bet I’ll eat it!  Don’t judge me!! I know you would eat it too…

Either stage an intervention or come eat with me! Here’s my list of foods that I want to make, then eat, then regret afterwards because I know I’ll each too much…carbs edition:

Baked Parmesan Spaghetti (recipe here)

baked parmesan spaghetti || photo

Caprese Pizza (recipe here)

caprese pizza || photo

Bacon and Cheese Wrapped Tater Tots (recipe here)

bacon and cheese wrapped tater tots || photo

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13 thoughts on “help!! i think i just might commit carbicide…

  1. Dear She Cooks: Thanks for the nice feedback/comment. Enjoyed surfing through your graphics rich and very fun blog. Will come back. One comment: when choosing between bacon and the boyfriend, I say go for the bacon. It’s always good.

  2. I love carbs, especially rice. I grew up eating it anyway so it’s become inseparable from my diet. I won’t give up on it either but the only thing I could do is try to work out. I said try so you know what’s really going on. HAHAHA.

  3. Carbs are essential for life. If you think you might have eaten too much of them, I would try pairing your carbs with a protein, fat, or both! I know that when I eat a carb by itself I get hungry really quickly and tend to overeat even when I’m not hungry, but when I pair it, I’m full for forever!

  4. Mmmm, carbs! I’m so with you in the love of all things carb. I don’t think I’d survive without my pasta and bread! And those are some tasty looking recipes. My husband would love the bacon and tater tots, I’m sure :)

  5. Carbs themselves aren’t necessarily unhealthy – it jus tdepends on which form they are (ie too much sugar!) and overindulging in them. They’re an essential part of our diet. Usually it’s the stuff we put ON them that makes them unhealthy, for example, layering butter onto bread, or piling cheese onto potatoes, or smothering pasta in cream sauce. Go for wholegrain versions of bread and pasta, and keep your potatoes simple or use a tomato-based sauce on them, and you have a very healthy foodstuff that you can enjoy (within reason, of course – moderation in all things!) without feeling guilty. :)

  6. I’m pretty sure that carbicide would be totally worth it.

    And I’ll probably have to add that baked spaghetti to my list of upcoming carbs.

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