when did our relationship go so wrong?

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Remember this week’s post when I mentioned I was allergic to fruit? Well, I couldn’t keep myself away from a tasty mango tonight. And the end result…I”M SICK!! Oh, not the “my lips are swollen and my face is puffy” kinda sick but rather the “I’m throwing up sick” sick! This has never happened to me before. Has this ever happened to any of you?  Could this be fruit poisoning?

Sigh…why did you do this to me mango? I swore when you looked all tempting, you were asking me to eat you! I was just doing you a favor…

Someone. save. me. :(

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12 thoughts on “when did our relationship go so wrong?

  1. Oh Kat, that’s awful, but I have to say I am relieved, I thought you may have been talking about you & your boyfriend. Now I know it’s not the case, I am so saddened to hear that you may be allergic to Mangoes, of all the fruits… Manna from heaven.
    Summer here in Melbourne equals boxes of mangoes cheap cheap cheap, all the way from Far North Queensland where you can get them for about 50 cents a mango, down south we pay any where from $15 to $20 a box for at least a dozen mangoes in a box.
    There is quite simply nothing better than a Banana & Mango smoothie, at the moment though neither are on offer here as Banana’s are $12 or more a kilo instead of the usual $2 per kg.
    You mentioned in a previous post that if you cook some of the fruit its not as bad, is that the case with the Mango? I hope you make a speedy recovery!

    1. Eeek fruit in Melbourne is expensive! Here in the States, it’s relatively cheap, especially bananas because they are available year round. And can I just thank you for being such a sweetheart! Thank you for being so sweet! I’ve never ate cooked mangoes before but maybe I’ll give it a try. Thank you again! :)

  2. You’re allergic to mangoes?? That is actually really sad :( My sister can’t eat apples, her throat closes up. Isn’t it depressing that such delicious things try to kill you? So deceptive.

  3. I am reading this a few hours after u posted it!!! I hope u are better!!! I did not know people were allergic to fruit.

  4. It is possible that you psyched yourself into getting sick. I have done this when cheating on my food allergies. Basically, you know you are allergic, but you eat it anyway. And then, you keep telling yourself you are going to have a reaction. Then, unconsciously, your body purges itself of the food that you have told it is going to cause a reaction. Hope you feel better today. :)

  5. You are probably not allergic to all fruit. Mangoes, especially the skin, contain a chemical that some people react strongly to. When I was a kid in Florida, there were people who got what we called “mango poisoning”.

  6. Uh…I never knew you were talking about your relationship with the King of Fruit….Well that’s really sad but there are a variety of other fruits that you can enjoy….don’t get disheartened …..

  7. Oh that’s sad. I hope you feel better now. Back in Philippines where some of your mangoes come from, folks tell us not to eat mango when our stomachs are empty. You have to have eaten something first before the mango. Btw, I chanced upon your blog from 1 of the blogs where you left a comment. I’m enjoying reading your posts…and viewing the photos, I’m suddenly hungry :-D


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