can this girl babble, or what?!


On one of more recent late night random Target runs, this girl had the unfortunate accident of getting hit on…

After a successful shopping spree (thanks to the Krazy Coupon Lady), I was so excited to jump into my car and head home. As I was backing out of the tiny cramp parking spot in a poorly lit parking lot, BAM!! Of course, I panicked and thought I hit a car but nope! It was a lone shopping cart that decided to introduce itself to the rear end of my car. I swear it wasn’t there when I was backing out. It was the wind that blew it towards my direction. Just my luck, right? Long story short, the rear of my car is fine but that poor Target shopping cart has seen better days.

This leads to my next installment of babble on she cooks, he eats. When I go to the store, I avoid using a shopping cart and opt for a basket to carry my goodies in. But I can understand why that isn’t convenient when shopping for a large family, but for me…it’s perfect! But on those rare days when I can’t avoid using a shopping cart, I always return it to its rightful place when I’m done loading up my car with groceries because I know stray carts are an annoyance to shoppers and employees.

Do you guys return your shopping carts to its designated corral? Or abandon it and drive off? Or do you spare us the pain and perch it on a parking block?

Now that's a cart on wheels! || photo

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4 thoughts on “can this girl babble, or what?!

  1. LOL xP I always just leave it next to the car by next to me right behind them too some times! HAHA J/K I always make sure if I can’t return it that it wont roll off on it’s own, put it up on the curb or such. But sams is really good about having many places to leave the carts.

  2. where I live you put a coin into the cart in order to get it and when you take it back where it belong you get your coin back, so fortunately there is a minimum risk of stray carts in the parking lot.

  3. i worked at trader joes for a bit and when the weather was nice us grocery store employees jumped at the chance to “gather” carts! nowadays i perch it up on the planter boxes between parking spots. i suppose you could write a whole blog on shopping cart stories! ;)

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