What to do? So many brands, so many choices!

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As I was roaming the cheese aisle of a major chain grocery store today, I suddenly remember why I was struck with that overwhelming feeling. It’s because larger grocery stores carry so many brands! From Kraft, to Sargento, to Kroger, to their own generic brand, and all these other brands I’ve never heard of. The large variety available made it nearly impossible for me to find the cheese (romano) I needed for my baked meatballs. After five minutes of scouring, no luck! Sadly, I gave up and decided that parmesan would be a good subsitute. But wait, there’s more! There were at least five brands of parmesan to choose from! It’s moments like these that I regret not going to smaller specialty grocery stores.

What do you guys do? Do you lean more towards your go-to trusted brands? Or do you go generic? Or if you’re on a budget, go for the cheapest?

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7 thoughts on “What to do? So many brands, so many choices!

  1. ^ actually I’ve had cheap brie from Sam’s whole wheel for 7ish bucks! It’s really good. I think it just depends where you shop. @Jon: LOL, good save. ;)

  2. I try to go for the least processed and the one with the least amount of packaging. If I could buy an entire wheel of cheese, I would. If I could make my own, I’d do that too. Specialty cheese stores I suppose carry entire wheels, huh? Yeah, and I bet they cost an arm and a leg.
    I’m going to look into making my own cheese! ha! I bet the pioneer woman does it!

  3. Our regional grocery chain, Publix, supplies a delicious line of generic cheeses. It’s my go-to source for everyday cheese. I get imports and “gotta try it” cheeses at Earth Fare. Sliced Havarti at Costco for sandwiches.
    It seems there is a lot of cheese consumed in my two-person household. Hmmm.

  4. I mix it up, generic brands for every day cheeses (for sandwiches or toast etc) and speciality stores for a cheeseboard treat. I only really splurge on posh cheese about twice a year tho. Supermarkets are okay for the rest of the year (and cheaper!)

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