ok, i guess i need an actual post.

Aside from declaring myself a blog, I guess I should give you a few bits and pieces of info about me. Lets just say that I have the rest of my life to have an old lady name, so I’m going to live it up. You can call me Kat.

Now on to the good stuff! I love food. I spend my nights and mornings (and any hours in between) thinking about what I want to make or have for lunch and dinner. I’m always craving something! I think I forgot to mention breakfast…quite honestly I’m not even up during breakfast hours.

Anyhow, I’ve always been tempted with the idea of starting a blog. After one restless night, many hours of thought, and tons of encouragement and support from my boyfriend, “She Cooks, He Eats” was created.

I hope anyone that reads my blog will enjoy it and please let me know if you have suggestions or comments. And if you love talking about food as much as I do, send me a message! Perhaps one day we’ll be best email buddies :)

One last point (I promise!) I am new to cooking, officially started at the beginning of this year! I just love food. I love to cook. I spend countless hours subscribing and reading foodie blogs on my Google Reader, not to mention all those hours I’ve clocked watching the Food Network and now defunct Fine Living Channel which is now the Cooking Channel!

Cheers to you and my new blog!

p.s. This girl also has a love/love relationship with cupcakes! Just ask my boyfriend :)

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12 thoughts on “ok, i guess i need an actual post.

  1. You know… I am a big fan of the Barefoot Contessa- on the Food Network. She made some awesome dishes, and awesome cupcakes too. Cant wait to see some pics of your dishes.
    Great Job.

  2. I really like the name. Very catchy!
    1.Going through and commenting on others’ blogs or asking their advice is a fantastic way of getting folks to come and check out your stuff. Keep doin’ that! It works.
    2.Feed everything through your facebook account, and Twitter. If you don’t have Twitter, start tweeting. I get most of my hits through Facebook, though.
    3.Add links to other people’s blogs whenever you think about it. A way you can do this is by adding “related article” links that relate to the blog post you’ve just written. Sometimes they’ll come back and thank you, other times they’ll just blow you off. (Too bad for them because you’re blog looks like it’s going to be awesome.) I’ve made some great blog friends that way. It’s so exciting.
    4. Tell everyone you know about your blog.
    5. You can open another facebook account just for your blog.
    6. Make business cards for your blog.
    Most folks burn out. If you make it over the 3 month mark, it’s a promising sign. If you make it over a year, you’re in. (I haven’t reached a year yet!) You’ll run into a lot of dead blogs. People seem to blog for a year and then they’ve had enough.
    It gets addictive. I have 3. I’d like to start 2 more but just don’t have the time.
    GOOD LUCK to you! You seem so passionate and excited about it. I can’t wait to read your stuff. I’ll be looking for your posts!! :)
    Happy Blogging.

  3. Absolutely! My friend Michelle told me all this stuff when I first started and it helped me a lot. I learn something new constantly. And word press is a little tricky…..Just pass it on.
    (And add the twitter button to your share page.) I was going to tweet your post about the spagetti sauce but there was no twitter button on there. :)

    1. oh my gosh! thank you, thank you, thank you!! i’ll add it right now so you can tweet about it! :)
      honestly thought, that comment brought a HUUUGE smile to my face! it’s so great meeting you!

    1. the fact that you took the time to tweet this was so sweet of you! it doesn’t matter if it shows up or not :) thank you again!!

  4. Yo Kat-Looks like you got a good first start.

    Content is king so the more you post, the more stuff you’ll have to attract readership (not that your killer looks wouldn’t attract them).

    If you want to meet, let me know.

    Thanks for reading our blog….Alohas from Cleveland!


  5. Hi Kat!
    Thanks for taking the time to take a look and comment on my blog! Yours look great – looks like you’re off to a good start. And can I just say your tag line “random blog from girl who likes bacon and somewhere in between loves her bf” absolutely cracked me up (mainly because that’s exactly how I feel as well) haha! Hmmmm advice…. don’t be lazy and blog often? Sometimes I get really lazy and just want to cook and wish somebody would type up my thoughts and publish posts as I’m cooking and thinking out loud.

  6. Hi Kat,

    Thanks for coming to my blog…I like your blog also anyway. Keep blogging ya :) Nice to know you….

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